Why Your Site Needs To Be ADA Compliant Yesterday Part 1

Published on 08 Sep 2021 / In Film & Animation

Why Your Site Needs To Be ADA Compliant Yesterday! In this Vlogcast, we discuss why if you offer a product or a service to the public in the US, your Site needs to be ADA compliant or face getting sued. With about 400,000 complaints estimated to be made this year, you could end up paying $10,000 and up. And we discuss why having 15 or more employees as the tripwire for compliance is a myth. https://iQLink.me/ADA or go tohttps://ada-compliance.iqmarketers.com/ to get in touch with us or Ref!Find out how to get your ADA AI tool, and then how to have it installed by us at no cost. 0:00 - Andrew and Refael begin to unwrap ADA Compliance for US Sites1:20 - The Myth Of 15 Employee threshold 2:00 - Your Web Site is now considered a place of public accommodations2:25 - Consequences of non-compliance with the ADA starting about $10,000, $20,000, $30,000 and going up from there3:40 - The ADA is a strict liability law, if you are not compliant, you are liable4:19 - It is estimated that there were 265,000 Demand Letters sent in 20204:45 - You can be sued multiple times for the same ADA violation5:30 - The vast majority of people with Disabilities do not want to sue6:05 - Websites that are accessible can gain a huge amount of new business7:28 - Over 26 % of adults in the US live with a disability with 600 Billion of disposable income in the Disability Community8:00 - The mechanics of making your site accessible and ADA compliant10:34 - Not everyone with a Disability needs the same things changed to access your site12:05 - Some site design features can actually harm or kill someone with certain types of disabilities12:40 - accessiBe does not overwrite the work you have done for compliance or for SEO13:38 - Ai automatically creates an alt text for each image that may not have one14:48 - The Ai learns from hundreds of millions of page sessions each dayGo to www.iQLink.me/ADA to sign up for accessiBe today and have www.iQMarketers.com install it for free on your site in most cases. We have partnered with them for nearly 2 years now and they are great. The link for Part 2 and 3 of the ADA Compliance interview will be up shortly.www.iQMarketers.com#ADA #ADA Compliance#Website Compliance for ADA

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